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Pennyroyal Tea Benefits - Enjoying Nature’s Medicine Chest

There has been a vast increase in natural remedies over the last ten years or so, and some of this is due to the sometimes fatal side effects of modern pharmaceuticals. It may also be due to the increasing number of companies that are offering high quality products that can help you improve your health in a natural way. One of the better documented herbs is Pennyroyal. This herb has been studied and used for hundreds of years. Some of the Pennyroyal tea benefits include its qualities as a blood purifier and as a digestive agent for spasm and pain.

While there are many pennyroyal tea benefits, it should be noted that it can be dangerous in certain circumstances. It can cause spontaneous miscarriage, and pregnant women should not drink Pennyroyal tea. Otherwise, it is good to promote clarity and stimulation, and has traditionally been used to revive people who had fainted. It is especially helpful in digestive disorders, and can reduce bloating and cramps from flatulence or constipation. It is thought to be helpful in preventing nervousness and is supposed to regulate periods or other menstrual issues. It makes a strong mint flavored tea that can freshen the breath.

One of the more surprising Pennyroyal tea benefits includes its external applications. You can take the wet and warm teabag and rub it on your skin to repel insects. The herb Pennyroyal was believed to be the best flea repellent, and was also used in a number of culinary dishes such as stuffing and pudding. This plant is often used to help promote sweating to reduce a fever, and is thought to have antimicrobial effects for healing and infection prevention. It prevents many types of internal and external spasms, and was once used as a treatment for leprosy and hysteria.

The essential oil should be avoided internally, as it can cause a level of toxicity that could be fatal. However the Pennyroyal tea benefits include a low dose of the active compounds, which makes it safe for consumption. It is beneficial to use externally to reduce swelling from bug bites, and can also reduce bruising, can help treat acne and can help remove spots and scars on the skin. It contains alkaloids that act to strengthen the gums, and is believed to be an excellent and ancient remedy for whooping-cough and can help clear the liver of toxins with its diuretic qualities.

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